I asked for a carrier to sponsor an Australian number and TWO CARRIERS came through on the same day. I was just going to use the first one that delivered but seriously, 2Talk and ClearVoiceOne were delivered on the same day and both teams could not have been friendlier!

The good news is Australia will be the first international site that will have male and female robots. This is a call to any Australians interested in being a telemarketer bot. You’ll need to have a good microphone and an acoustically-friendly place to record (i.e. quiet with no echo). Please Facebook messenger me or email me at roger -a- jollyrogertelephone.com if you are interested.

I am going to be on Australian television tomorrow morning, February 19th, on Studio 10 at 9:05 AM! I am extremely excited about this. It is my first TV appearance! I have another scheduled in the US for Saturday the 20th. I love talking about this robot.

Anyway, here are the instructions for adding the bot using the Australian telephone number. It is still my voice with the American accent.

Thanks everyone! I’m looking forward to hearing some Australian telemarketers. Facebook message me, or email me (roger -a- jollyrogertelephone.com) if you get a good one and want a recording of it.

Thanks again,