This call was both entertaining and interesting. The telemarketer immediately recognized it was either a bot or someone just messing around, and he engaged in some funny antics worthy of Cheech & Chong. What was interesting though, was

  1. The team quickly recognized the bot and transferred it to someone ready for it. Is there a “be on the lookout” notice in this call center?
  2. The telemarketer could care less about the time he’s spending with this bot. I doubt he’s been told by management to keep it talking, right? He must be paid by the hour and is just as happy to talk to a bot as a real person.
  3. The telemarketer is not concerned about being monitored or recorded. Some call centers are tightly monitored. This call lasted over 10 minutes with no hope of making a sale.
  4. He kept to the “and how do you spell that?” part of the script several times. He probably has worked here for a while, or perhaps it gets in your blood immediately. It would be fun (for one day?) to work in one of these places to see how they really operate.

As usual, the goal here is to waste telemarketer time, and the bot did really well. During this entire call, the original “mark” was able to go about his or her business and leave the talking to Jolly Roger. Please keep the calls coming and the buzz buzzing! I am getting way too many calls to listen to all of them. I typically listen to the longest calls, so if you get an entertaining call that is less than three minutes or so, I will not hear it. So please email or message me if you get a good call!

Thanks all! Enjoy this call.