My telemarketing bot takes a call from a vacation scammer. You can use this bot too. When you get a telemarketer, just “add call” and join 206-259-4991. See my web site for more info!

This is a typical “Vacation Package” scammer. I HATE THESE. If you’re reading this, you’re probably already skeptical, but apparently plenty of people are getting caught up in these scams. If you hate them like I hate them, then please pass the word along and let’s get as many telemarketers talking to bots as we can. For only $6/year, you can send unlimited telemarketers to the Jolly Roger Telephonebots and you’ll get a recording when the call is over. Plus, it’s very entertaining!

In this call, we have an inexperienced agent reading from a script trying to convince us that we have a bunch of credit in our account and that we can three vacations for only $298. It’s an amazing deal and he lists off a luxury resort and a bunch of destinations. Then he says he’ll even throw in a cruise for two! All for only $298. Can I have your credit card number now?

Again, this is terrifying, frustrating, and it makes me sick to think that people are getting scammed by these guys. So it was quite satisfying when the supervisor got on the phone and scolded the bot at the end. After all, what could he do? Well, don’t answer that. I’ve heard what some of them do.

In case you haven’t heard, I have started a podcast to discuss these calls and scams in more depth! Just search iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud, or Stitcher for “Jolly Roger Telephone”. Hopefully the other services have picked it up by now.

Thanks for listening everyone!