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This latest recording is three calls in one. This agent realized it was a robot early on, and he called back several times to show it to the other agents in his call center. Now, this call actually exposed a bug in my call routing because my robot was not supposed to answer the phone within an hour in order to prevent this scenario. But it turns out that they were calling from a fake caller-id (the fourth digit was a 1, which is impossible in North America), so this call repeatedly went to the robot.

And this allowed the first agent, who realized early on that something was strange with the call, to show off my robot to the other agents in his call center. This call center is one of those “air duct cleaning and 16 point furnace inspection for $35” scams. I assume they’ll want to get a deposit from me at some point. Anyway, so this is a big operation to be hiding behind fake caller-ids. And obviously they have no respect for the people they call. Much like the other calls I have featured on YouTube, these agents may be as duped as the people they’re calling. They’re a little immature, but don’t strike me as scam artists. And they may not even realize their employer is stamping a fake caller-id on their outbound calls.

Thanks for listening and remember – I can construct enough bots to disrupt the unsolicited telemarketer autodialers. I need help with this Kickstarter!