As usual – THANK YOU to all my subscribers to the Jolly Roger Telephone service!  If you are annoyed by telemarketers, you should sign up and turn them into entertainment.

So imagine getting pollsters calling you over-and-over again. And right at the top of the call, this guy says he called “at random”. In my professional opinion, that is not okay. And it sounds like most of you agree with me. I created these bots so we didn’t have to be victims of unsolicited calls anymore.

So this call came to Whiskey Jack, who is a little bit loud and pushy and the combination of these two people was funny to me because it was so uncomfortable. Whiskey Jack wasn’t uncomfortable, but this caller sure was. Whiskey Jack just kept plowing over him.

As the call rolls to its painful conclusion, you hear a couple sighs that definitely sound like morale is really low and he just wants to get through the survey. I think he was told to conduct a certain amount of surveys and he was probably hoping Whiskey Jack would be cooperative. Sorry Dude.

This is a short call, and there will be some of you who don’t think this poor caller deserves the treatment he got from Whiskey Jack. Enjoy and discuss. And thanks again!