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This is not the “Windows Support” YouTube channel, but sometimes these are just too fun not to share – especially now that I’m passing the profanity through (I give up with Windows Support – they’re raunchy when they get frustrated).

Anyway, here is a scammer who thinks he’s found a good mark in Whitey Whitebeard. He sounds so vulnerable. Part of the reason I don’t post often is because it takes a lot of time to scrub and caption the audio. Well, I give up scrubbing out the profanity and this call has no personal information. And since it’s self-explanatory, I didn’t even caption it much. I have so many fantastic calls to share with you, that I might do this more often – just put a caption or two and let the call go. This one is just for entertainment.

And if you get Windows Support calling you all the time, this will feel empowering. Lots of people (me included) rely on the phone for new business and we try to answer every call. Please enjoy and keep sending me your telemarketers! My bots are standing by!