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Home Finance telemarketer thinks Kim the Kraken is messed up in the head and removes her from their list

This is an extremely satisfying call. If you don’t have time, just listen to the last 20 seconds right now!

Kim the Kraken is a fairly new robot. She is very convincing as a polite but distracted mom recovering from pneumonia. Actually, in this call we don’t discuss the pneumonia but the kids are sure distracting. But Kim is extremely polite and apologetic. It’s hard to get mad at her.

We start with one telemarketer, but she’s not getting anywhere with Kim so we get her supervisor. This supervisor doesn’t get anywhere either and then we hear the best “open mic” moment I have ever experienced. The supervisor doesn’t even bother to mute himself. It’s a short rant but VERY satisfying.

What is AWESOME is we learn a little bit about the “post wrap-up codes” at this company. And perhaps at companies like this one. Apparently the agent has a wrap-up code to “call again sometime” or “this person is messed up in the head – don’t ever call back”. Now, I don’t know if the agent’s input really affects this company’s auto-dialer or not. I assume they’ll just launch a new campaign someday with a refreshed list. But wouldn’t it be nice if they really did stop calling?

Anyway – please enjoy! And thanks for listening!


Roger’s TEDx Talk is on YouTube!!!

Here’s the link to my TEDx talk in Naperville, IL on November 4th, 2016. What an amazing experience that was. Permalink is Please share since I’m really bad at social media. And people listen to you more than they listen to me.


Podcast episode 12 is ready!

This is a very fun podcast. It is a series of seven calls that came to the same subscriber over about an hour’s time. It’s an offshore medical supply company – I think of them as scammers but it might be quasi-legal. They are trying to get a medicare or supplemental insurance number out of the bots. It ends up being about 42 minutes of their time wasted by Jolly Roger bots. The best part is the original “victim” of these scammers (i.e. my subscriber) is using the Simultaneous Ring feature that allows Jolly Roger to automatically answer these calls. My subscriber did not answer the phone – they may not have even noticed the calls (other than the very entertaining emails that came through at the end of each call). Jolly Roger picked up and WORE THEM DOWN. Bring it on!

There’s a little bit of commentary between calls, but it’s mostly this same company speaking to different robots. Very entertaining, especially if you get calls like this.

If you have elderly parents, I highly recommend this service. It is scary how much they already knew about “me”, and they are very persistent.

If you have a landline, there’s no reason to suffer through telemarketing anymore. Subscribe to Jolly Roger Telephone and get protected from these scammers!

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New bot named Barbarossa chats with a credit card scammer

Hi all,

First, I incorrectly tagged my recent blog entries, so many of you may not have seen them at The most exciting by far is the Google Voice announcement (although the interview with Whitey Whitebeard is exciting too). Please consider clicking on any of these:

Jolly Roger now supports Google Voice simultaneous ring!

Polite telemarketer tries to sell a refrigerator warranty to a robot

Podcast Episode 11 – Interview with Whitey Whitebeard

EXPLICIT – abusive “tech support” scammers call a robot via Australia

But back to basics! This post is about a call with a bot named Barbarossa. You may have heard him if you call the “random bot” number. He is fairly new and recently got a call from a credit card scammer. This call is exactly why I built these robots. It’s impossible to stop these calls via “traditional” methods like yelling at them, ignoring them, or blocking them. My goal is to waste their time with automation. The “old-school” method is for you to simply conference in one of my bots. But I have several more methods to use these bots.

So please enjoy this call – Barbarossa does a good job stringing him along, and even admits several times that he’s just wasting the guy’s time. But you’ll hear the bot pull the scammer back into the call a few times. Good stuff.

Thanks all! I really appreciate your feedback, comments, and input. I’m constantly innovating and trying to make it easier to protect you and the telecommunications network from telemarketing!



Jolly Roger now supports Google Voice simultaneous ring!

I am excited to announce this latest integration! It turns out Google Voice and Jolly Roger Telephone go VERY well together.

If you are a Google Voice (or Google Fi) user, you should have a Jolly Roger Pirate protecting your service. When telemarketers call you, Jolly Roger Telephone will automatically intercept the call, chat with the telemarketer, and send you the audio. However, as you know, telemarketers spoof their caller-ids all the time. So if a telemarketer gets past me and you answer, you can press star and a Jolly Roger bot will come on the line and chat with them. You can listen in, or just hang up and the bot will keep them engaged. Never be frustrated with telemarketing again!

Full details are at this link:

Thank you to all of you!