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For those of you who don’t know me, I’m just an average guy. But I hate unsolicited telemarketing more than you do. I work on telephone systems for a living and I love telecommunications. I find unsolicited telemarketing extremely offensive – it congests the network I love so much with junk, scams, and spam. Many people are cancelling their landlines because of it, and that breaks my heart.

So I built a robot to talk to telemarketers. It was just a hobby, but after a couple years of tweaking, training, and tuning, I posted some audio and released it to all of you. I guess you could say it went viral from there. I created more bots and provided instructions so you can send your telemarketers to them. Since then, my bots have processed 196,000 calls and spoken for 275,000 minutes – that’s 4300 man-hours. Now visualize the telemarketing payroll consumed by these bots, and you can see the potential here.

This has expanded beyond a hobby. I am happy to announce that I have launched a subscription service so I can continue to expand it. The cost is very low – only $6 per year for unlimited personal use of the telemarketer bots for up to three telephones (there is also a one-month option for $2). When the call is over, you will get an email with the audio attached. This modest fee allows me to recuperate the infrastructure costs, but more importantly, it allows me to define Terms of Service to prevent mischievous use of these bots. They are designed for unsolicited inbound calls. They are effective and extremely entertaining. When was the last time you were looking forward to a telemarketer call? These bots completely alter the “pain factor” – it is now in the telemarketer’s best interest to stop calling you (although they often cannot stop). And if they keep calling, it’s hilarious to hear them go round-and-round with a bot.

So please sign up at www.jollyrogertelephone.com and together we can put a dent in this terrible and mostly-illegal practice!