In this call, we hear a pleasant woman describe children dying of cancer and they could really use our donation. This is a pretty big charity calling from a legitimate caller-id and announcing their organization and even their parent organization. Nothing illegal about it. And as a non-profit, they do not have to honor the do-not-call list. Nice, eh?

However, if you do a quick search of the charity, you’ll find lots of red flags. According to the Better Business Bureau, they collected over a million dollars and only donated about $15,000 or so, presumably to fund their call center operation. But you’re on the phone with them and don’t have time to research this…

Anyway, don’t hang up on these charities you big meanie! Don’t say no to them! Let my robot say yes to them for you! If all of you transfer these guys to a JollyRogerTelephone bot, it would completely break their business model. Please join me in ending this madness!

Enjoy this latest call! And thanks everyone for listening!