This is a classic “your computer’s firewall security has been disabled” scam where they try to get you to “manage yourself in the front of your computer” and download some malware.

Please back my Kickstarter so we can put an end to these scams. Do it for your parents and grandparents! It’ll save you the hassle of trying to clean this junk off their computers!

Thank you to one of my new friends for sending my robot this call. I’m getting way too many calls to go through them all, so if you send a good one to my robot please let me know via email, Facebook, or this blog.

This guy is using an autodialer to call hundreds of people. Maybe thousands. Think about an autodialer that is calling two or three channels at once until it finds a victim. Well, he made his way into my bot, which took him out of rotation for over five minutes. If we can deploy more bots to trap these scammers, we can break their business model and end this misery for everyone.

Please send your telemarketer calls to my robot! Click here for instructions! I’d love to collect more of these “Windows Support” calls.